The Avocado Board is the patent-pending product designed and crafted by myself, Chris Battaglia.

The idea for the Avocado Board came through lots of ideation on the  floor of my retail-merchandising job in New York, just over a year ago. I thought to design a vessel - a tray, a platter, a simple board - that would do three things: encourage avocado consumption, introduce a new experience for those who already enjoy avocados, and create a simple solution to a small problem.

Earlier this year, with very limited woodworking experience and few resources, I decided it best to join a wood shop in Los Angeles. I found Community Wood Shop LA, became a member, and got to work immediately. 

Upon traveling back to New York City - with avocado wood in tow - I spent the better part of the winter crafting from my workbench in Washington Heights. After a busy summer, I relocated to Portland, Maine, where I currently reside. I am fortunate to have a workable room to carve and chisel at my new home, but I still need guidance, support, and a community work space. After joining The Open Bench Project, I have found the people and the place to harbor new ideas, continue creating avocado boards, and hope to grow and learn new skills along the way. 

My goal in creating Avocado Boards stems from creating something from nothing. I hope to continue to design and create functional solutions for others to enjoy and benefit.

Please feel free to contact me here: avocadoboards@gmail.com

And check out my personal site: http://keptcompany.com for any other creative needs.

Watch this video to see how the boards are made: