Avocado Board 008

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Avocado Board 008

  • Sourced from fallen avocado trees in southern California
  • Original design, patent pending
  • Milled and crafted by hand
  • Finished with food-grade mineral oil
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This design has two live edge sides! Already a unique item, this is an extra-special feature. Super rustic and "Western," you might say. This board also has a nice, flat surface that doubles as extra serving board real estate.

Additionally, there was a portion of this tree with some fungal rot, rendering this board with a vacuous space. I've attempted to fill the hole numerous times with Titebond Premium Wood Glue III (FDA-approved for indirect food contact). What I've learned from people more knowledgeable and experienced that I am, is that if the wood moved once, it will likely move again. You can't control the inevitable, and it's a beautiful thing. Be extra careful when washing this board!

There are special challenges involved in working with this type of wood. Some leave the natural holes and cracks in the wood, while others fill them. I've tried to fill some, but mostly, I've left any natural figuring. It fits with my unconventional approach, one of the many liberties taken here at the Avocado Board Co.