I went to stump-town in Malibu, in search of some more great avocado wood.

This wood maintains an interesting history, for it was harvested anywhere between 3 and 7 years ago, courtesy of the fire department. Educators and locals who know about this stockpile of wood use it for firewood.

I interacted with a group of educators, making sure it was okay I traversed the near-hiking-trail area with permission. They warned me, to my surprise, of the fact that these piles of dead avocado served perfectly cool hiding places for rattlesnakes. In fact, they assured me there were tons of rattlesnakes that I should be very careful.


But I went to stump-town and came back with some avocado wood booty to fill the wagon up.

This was all free and legal, but I likely won’t be back again. Probably not worth the future risk. Besides, the kids are there trying to revegetate the orchard. Great community news!