Prototype #3: Home Use

All of this designing began with a specific food retail concept in my mind. Counter or wait staff would bring prepared Avocado Boards to a customer’s table. It would include Avocado halves and the mise en place for a salad dressing of their liking, so the customer has free will to customize a dressing to his or her liking.

But if you wanted to serve Avocado Salad at home, for guests or during a normal family meal, there is no need for salad dressing cups built into the vessel. Nor do you need to show off (read: highlight) the stone, because if you want dressing, you will make it on the counter; if you want to plant an avocado tree, you’ll probably start it in water after dinner. 

So there is room in the line for a no-fuss board, one smaller than the commercial size and style. That is below!